I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Race and Ethnicity at Brown University. I have a joint appointment at the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America and the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.

My research agenda seeks to look at the intersection of public policy and quotidian culture to better understand the dialectical relationship between structural inequality and social (dis) privilege. My current research looks at the intersection of housing policy and civic life in the master-planned community of Maryvale to interrogate the impact of rapid suburban development on community formation in metropolitan Phoenix. This research uncovers how local civic leaders traded control over the built environment for the rapid economic growth of Sunbelt development to the detriment of a sustainable praxis for community formation.

My future research looks at the intersection of race and citizenship in public policy to discursively rationalize social practices that maintain structurally unequal access to American civic institutions for historically marginalized groups–particularly members of colored, indigenous, and immigrant communities. This research will provide the theoretical foundation for an intervention into the historic development of the American Southwest and a reinterpretation of transnational origins of the 20th century Sunbelt.

I earned my Ph. D. and A.M. in American History at the University of Pennsylvania. I earned my B.A. in History from Howard University–where I also minored in Philosophy.